Pre-Wired Pickguard Assemblies
(Includes Mighty Mite® Pickups, 5 Way Switch, Jack and Knobs)
Part #
MM400W Pickguard Assembly SSS, White with White Hardware $59.95
MM400B Pickguard Assembly SSS, Black with Black Hardware 59.95
MM400TS Pickguard Assembly SSS, Tortoise with Black Hardware 59.95
MM405W Pickguard Assembly SSH, White with White Hardware 65.00
MM405B Pickguard Assembly SSH, Black with Black Hardware 65.00
MM405TS Pickguard Assembly SSH, Tortoise with Black Hardware 65.00
MM410W Pickguard Assembly PJ Style, White with White Hardware 49.95
MM410B Pickguard Assembly PJ Style, Black with Black Hardware 49.95
MM410TS Pickguard Assembly PJ Style, Tortoise with Black Hardware 49.95
Stratocaster® Replacement Back Plate
MM5500 Solid Black $6.95
MM5501 Solid White 6.95
Stratocaster® Replacement Recessed Jack Plate
MM5600 Black $6.50
MM5601 Chrome 6.00
MM5602 Gold 7.95
Telecaster® Replacement Jack Plate
MM5605B Black $5.00
MM5605C Chrome 5.00
MM5605G Gold 6.00
Telecaster® Replacement Control Plate
MM5608C Chrome $6.95
MM5608G Gold 8.95
Les Paul® Replacement Back Plate
MM5502 Solid Black $6.95
MM5503 Solid Cream 6.95
Les Paul® Replacement Jack Plate
MM5603B Black $4.95
MM5603C Chrome 4.95
MM5603G Gold 5.95
Les Paul® Replacement Rhythm Treble Rings
MM5606B Black $3.95
MM5606CR Cream 3.95
Les Paul® Replacement Toggle Plate
MM5607B Black $5.95
MM5607CR Cream 5.95
Jazz Bass® Control Plate
MM5609C Chrome $8.95
Neck Plate w/ Mounting Screws
MM5604B Black $6.00
MM5604C Chrome 5.00
MM5604G Gold 7.00
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