Standard Bridges and Tailpieces
Guitar Bridges
MM2103   L.P.® Replacement Stop Tailpiece-Chrome 15.00
MM2105 L.P.® Replacement Stop Tailpiece-Gold 18.95
MM2104   L.P.® Replacement Bridge-Chrome 19.95
MM2102 L.P.® Replacement Bridge-Gold 25.00

Mighty Mite® Heavy Duty Hard Tail Bridge w/ Grommets-Chrome 27.50
MM2106B Mighty Mite® Heavy Duty Hard Tail Bridge w/ Grommets-Black 29.95
MM2106G Migthy Mite® Heavy Duty Hard Tail Bridge w/ Grommets-Gold 29.95
Bass Bridges
Designed for 4, 5, and 6 string basses are the "Baddest" bass bridges you have ever played. With maximum comfort and maximum mass, these bridges are made of solid brass for superlative tone and sustain. String changes have never been easier, thanks to the convenient string slot. The string spacing is the most natural you have ever played. Upgrade to Mighty Mite :Mighty Mass" performance quality parts.

P-Bass® Replacement Professional Bass Bridge-Black 30.00
MM1115   Mighty Mite® 5 String Bass Bridge-Black 35.00
MM1204C   Bass Bridge 4 String-Chrome 89.95
MM1204B Bass Bridge 4 String-Black 89.95
MM1204G Bass Bridge 4 String-Gold 99.95
MM1205C Bass Bridge 5 String-Chrome 109.95
MM1205B Bass Bridge 5 String-Black 109.95
MM1205G Bass Bridge 5 String-Gold 119.95
MM1206B Bass Bridge 6 String-Black 99.95
MM1206G Bass Bridge 6 String-Gold 139.95

Acoustic Guitar Bridges

Solid rosewood with a beautiful open-pore sealer on the top and sides. Ready for gluing
MM2206 6 String


MM2212 12 String